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House cleaning

Cleaning the house is a mandatory regular procedure which requires the use of cleaning products, the availability of skills and  considerable time.  As you know time is non-refundable recourse, and in a condition of it's  spending several hours per day  cleaning is extremely irrational. A delight of perfect purity consists of many components. Don't trust just first impression.

Office cleaning

Every day we come to work, spend a lot of time in our office, and of course we want to come to a clean and well groomed office, and without a shame to receive costumers and companions. Therefore many offices resort to use of the cleaning companies on a long and permanent term as well as one time bases when requires. Such professional services are provided by our company.

Pet care

There are times when pets and their owners have to part for a short period of time. At those moments owners give their pets to their relatives and friends to take care if there is possibility of that. If not then our employees are ready to help you.

Carpet cleaning

Carpets is a most practical material for flooring in the office or any other residential space. Combining several advantages at once the carpet performs a soundproof heat-conducting, and aesthetic function. However over the time a visible and an invisible contaminants remain on this coating, which are difficult to remove by themselves.

Deep cleaning

A large scale event like the deep cleaning is usually being done during a long time. And it's not surprising considering a seriousness of the task and the goal to achieve an ideal cleanliness of the spaces. 

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