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Carpet cleaning

Carpets is a most practical material for flooring in the office or any other residential space. Combining several advantages at once the carpet performs a soundproof heat-conducting, and aesthetic function. However over the time a visible and an invisible contaminants remain on this coating, which are difficult to remove by themselves.

Since the separate dry cleaning of the carpet is impossible for several objective reasons it is becomes necessary to order a dry cleaning service from the professional staff of the cleaning company. Our specialists will help you with this.

The office is the place where a constant flow of the visitors, an increased level of the dust, and regular pollution create favorable conditions for the development of the microorganisms. Over the time carpets look untidy, sloppy and not aesthetically good, there are noticeable dark paths in the so-called "traffic zones". Regular replacement of this coating is quite a long and expensive process which can take more than one week.

In addition when dry cleaning the carpet you need to cover some office elements  to prevent moisture from getting on them. Our employees are very attentive to their work and are focused on the result.

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